We’re challenging the perception that math is complicated, boring, and difficult.

Alberta’s leading online math academy offers you practical, professional math help from real instructors that will light the path to academic success.

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RTD Math Academy was founded in 2022 by the educators behind Rock the Diploma, widely seen as Alberta’s leading diploma exam prep service.  We have been helping thousands of Alberta students succeed in their diploma exams since 2008.

We’re excited to put our experience and passion for education into this new project, designed to provide students with an outstanding alternative for learning and excelling in high school math.

How RTD will transform your education

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Flexible schedule
Busy schedules can sap motivation to do schoolwork. That's why students can work on their own time with us, so they'll always be in the right space to learn.
Constant teacher access
Our teachers are always available to help you clear up the roadblocks in your mind with step-by-step explanations and personalized plans.
Interactive learning
What sets us apart is our thorough, yet snappy method of teaching the most practical mathematical concepts they need in life and work.
Meetings to stay on track
Regular check in meetings with a teacher to ensure you are not falling behind or getting confused.
Access top-level material
Professionally developed course material. The courses are specifically developed for online.
Full Alberta accreditation
Earn your credits at the pace that works for you. A truly flexible school

The magic of 1-on-1 support

Math can be a lot less intimidating when you've got help and support every step of the way.

Our team is made up of university professors and award-winning teachers who are just as passionate about teaching adults and kids as we are about helping students overcome the barriers that keep them from excelling in math.

Built by Albertans, for Albertans.

Graduates receive full Alberta accreditation for high school math, so they're prepared properly for post secondary education and careers within our beautiful province.


How do we keep your child motivated and on track?

RTD Math Academy courses are specifically designed for online delivery. The learning materials are highly interactive and engaging, helping you understand tricky concepts, and providing real-time feedback on progress. Just because the learning is online, it does not mean that your child is left to fend for themselves. Our teachers monitor their progress and offer assistance on a continuous basis.

Do we offer other courses besides math and coding?

Not through the RTD Math Academy, but you can find a variety of diploma prep courses for other subjects with our parent company, Rock the Diploma, here.

Are the teachers experienced?

RTD Math Academy teachers are carefully handpicked based on their experience, demeanour and ability to thrive in an online environment. Our teachers have decades of experience teaching Albertan students, experience that ensures your child stays motivated, learns a lot and comes out of the experience a stronger, more well-rounded young adult.

Does the school have an existing pedigree?

The founders of RTD Math Academy have helped thousands of Albertan students pass their final exams with flying colours since 2008 with Rock the Diploma. Located in MacEwan University in Edmonton, it is widely heralded as the most effective and popular diploma prep academy in all of Alberta.

RTD Math Academy is an extension of their considerable knowledge of the Alberta high school curriculum and what it takes to excel in Albertan universities.

Are you fully accredited?

Yes! RTD Math Academy graduates receive full accreditation for the classes they take, and count towards their entrance into university.

Why is it free?

The Alberta government provides grant funding for distance learning schools helping Albertan students. This allows us to offer our world-class education free of charge for Albertans under 20 years of age.

Can students enrol as practice for an upcoming test?

Yes! Students may enrol and have full access to the course materials without graduating with us. However, students in this format do not receive 1-on-1 teacher support through our program, but are welcome to use our interactive platform to study and practice on their own.

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