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Learn how to write the code powering the world's most famous sites and apps. For free*.
Earn Alberta CTS credits in Web Development and Computer programming. (See available credits below)

You can start learning coding anytime including mid-semester and in the summer!

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The first step to becoming an app builder

Ever wonder how they built the apps you can't stop using? You wouldn't have to any more. We'll teach you the most practical coding languages of the 21st century.

Earn Alberta CTS credits for each module, whether you need one or all eight. Even if you're in junior high.

Start whenever and wherever you like. And if you've taken a course before, pick up right where you left off.

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Get a head start on high-paying skills

You will learn how to build real websites, and even basic web apps! The skills learned in this course are highly sought after in the workforce and will open doors to incredible job opportunities.

Dream it & build it

After this course, you'll be able to:

Build live websites

Build basic mobile apps

Know the foundations for future advanced coding courses

The coding languages you'll learn


The first step in coding web apps. By the end of the course, you will be able to build simple websites.

15-20 hours


Add colour, design and layout to your websites. The styling language of web development.

15-20 hours


The popular programming language built into every web browser.

30-35 hours


Python is used in Ai, machine learning, web app creation with frameworks like Django.

30-35 hours

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Live online instruction

Help is always available through online chat and video conferencing so you don't stay stuck on a topic for long. It's much easier to learn with proper help.

Learn like a game

The course teaches actual coding skills, but it plays like a game so you earn points unlocking levels and badges as you go!

Earn CTS credits

Junior high and high school students can earn  credits for CSE1210, CSE1910, CSE1220, CSE1110, CSE1120
High school only can earn the following credits:
CSE2110, CSE2140 and CSE3120

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